Travelling Essentials: How to Avoid Over Packing?

Travelling for vacation or business purposes is both fun and stressful, and packing is one of the reasons that causes stress. When preparing for your trip, you want to make sure that you wouldn’t forget any important item. However, this principle leads us to literally bringing all the contents of your house that could possibly fit into your luggage.
Over packing has several disadvantages. You might pay extra in the airport and you will not have energy to enjoy your vacation since it’s already drained by a heavy hand carry.

Here are the guidelines on how to avoid over packing:

  1. Avoid bringing unnecessary outfits. If you destination is a tropical paradise, then there’s no need for you to bring sweaters and warmers. It is important to determine your itinerary so you’ll be aware about the proper attires that you should bring. No need to bring different pairs of shoes to match the color of your outfit. Remember, this is a vacation not a fashion show.

  2. No need to bring the entire contents of your bathroom. In case of emergency, it’s okay to add personal items into your suitcase such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, a soap, and a feminine. Just make sure that these items are miniature sized suited for travelling. Avoid bringing your entire skin care products. You can keep up with your beauty regimen once you got home.

  3. Get rid of bulky reading materials! You will be on a vacation, so for once, come back to reality and leave the fictional novels behind. This is the time for you to have fun and not to sit on one corner and get hooked on a book. You can bring one piece of reading material in case you got really bored or you can just download e-books. Just don’t bring the entire set of Harry Potter.

  4. No room for extraneous gears and gadgets. Bathrobes, towels, hair dryers, curling and flat irons, extra blankets – seriously, do you really have to bring this all? Either you’re planning to stay on a hotel or hostel, it’s a certain that they are complete with these items. You can always rent or buy the things you need instead of filling your entire suitcase with nonsense. In addition, it will give your suitcase extra room for souvenirs.

  5. Don’t stock too many food items in your luggage. Many of us fear that we might not like how the dishes taste on other locations so we overpack our luggage with instant food items. That’s why it’s important for you to conduct a research about the local foods being offered in your travel destination and if there are nearby restaurants or fast foods that offer signature American recipes. But for sure, you can find McDonald’s anywhere.

  6. Avoid bringing different sets of authentic jewelry. Although it might not occupy a lot of space on your luggage, it can put you on an untoward situation. Your jewelries is a great attraction for pickpockets, and worst, your entire luggage might be stolen. Always remember to keep a low profile whenever you’re going out of your comfort zone.

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