Things you should not put in your luggage

Travelling is not that easy. But it is much difficult to pack things if you are not aware of the prohibited items or things in the airport or other kinds of places you will go. You should not put your cabinet in your luggage for comfortability. You can be comfortable and at the same time convenient if you will follow these things. Because bringing unnecessary and prohibited things might not cause you comfortability and convenience instead it will give you problems with your travel. Here are some reminders:

Identification Cards, passports and other important papers- These things should not be put in your luggage. If it is really in need to carry those then you can put it in your carry on bag. It is not safe to put important papers inside the luggage because it may cause you trouble if your luggage will be lost.

• Money and credit cards- It will be a mistake for you when you put money and credit cards in your luggage. Because if some people around you will know that your luggage contains money, then it might be stolen or misplaced. I’m sure you do not want to go home walking or just hitching without any money in the pocket.

• Easy to break items- It is not convenient and also not safe to put fragile items inside your luggage. Because those luggages are not handled with so much care because of a short time in carrying and putting them inside or outside the transportation vehicle. So don’t blame the persons who carries the luggages if your things will be broken because it is not their job to take care of your luggages.

• Medicines- Medicines should not be in your luggages. Especially if you always needed it an if you have a sickness that immediate needs medication. So don’t dare to live without it. Just pack it in your carry on bag

• Electronics or gadgets – since it is known to be fragile and expensive it should be placed in a carry on bag of yours to avoid damages and lost of things during the transfer of luggages.

• The Totality of your clothes carried -It is advisable to save a set of your clothes inside your carry on bag to be ready in all instances. Because you are not so sure of the safety of your luggage. No one can say there might be possibilities your luggage will be lost. I’m a hundred percent sure you do not want to go home still wearing the clothes you wore when you departed.

• Jewelries and other important things- these are very valuable things. So you must take enough care in carrying them. You may put them in your carry on bags or if you don’t really have to bring it then just leave them to your home. It is the wise thing to do than to lose them. You might not want to go home crying do you?

• All Flammable items- all items that may cause fire are prohibited to be put in luggages. These include guns, gun powder, lighter, matches etc. Because they might cause fire and danger fro travelers during the trip.

• Foods and drinks- these are prohibited because the foods might spoil and dirt your clothes. Also bottled drinks may crack and spoil your mood if you will find out that your clothes are full of dirt. I’m pretty sure you do not want to spend your vacation washing clothes.

Make sure enough that you will follow all of those. Because I don’t want your travel to be ruined. Travel safe and comfortable.