Popular tourist attractions in Edinburgh

largeedi.jpgEdinburgh is the capital of Scotland, located in the Southeast of the island and is the seat of the Parliament and Government of Scotland. According to statistics, the population of the city as of 2001 was noted to be about 450000 and that made it the second largest city in the country. Most areas of the city centre have an abundance of historical character, while the city is also home to many festivals and other events. Due to this, Edinburgh has been titled the second best tourist city in Great Britain after London and the city attracts over one million foreign visitors every year.

You cannot say you’ve been to Edinburgh unless you’ve seen the Edinburgh Castle. It is known as one of the most excellent castles in the world and is probably one of the top most of the list of things to do in Edinburgh. Hundreds of years ago, the Edinburgh castle was planted at the highest point in Edinburgh’s old town and has ruled the city ever since. Royal Mile is the route you have to take to walk up to the castle and whilst doing that you can absorb the feeling of history. When you are in the castle, the view from any point of the castle is spectacular. The castle also owns a display of the Scottish Crown Jewels and also a huge war memorial with the names of fighters who lost their lives for the country.

Edinburgh is also home to one of the best museums in the world – a masterpiece known as the National Museum of Scotland. In summer 2011, the Museum reopened after detailed refurbishment and is now an even better masterpiece. You can spend an entire day in this museum without getting bored; it also has a lot of activities for the kids. In addition to the wonderful exhibits displayed there, the museum itself is an artwork. If you are standing in the centre of the atrium, just look up and observe, absorb and be amazed by the great Victorian architecture. You can also walk to the place where the old and the new museum is linked and when you look up you will see a fantastic range of different light, shapes and angles bouncing around. For more architectural pleasure, you might choose to visit the Scottish Parliament at the bottom end of the Royal Mile route. The Parliament is open to the public for visits and is a fascinating layout, polar opposite in terms of architecture.

If you are one of those who love the dark and the underworld, you might want to take one of the ghost tours in Edinburgh. The witch’s tour or the ghost and ghouls tour will show you around the old underbelly of the city and will probably scare the pants off you! These historical tours usually begin at the Royal Mile and take you to the Witchery and the St. Giles Cathedral. You could also visit the Edinburgh dungeon where you will find grave-robbers, murderers, witch-hunters, executioners and cannibals.

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