One Month, One City.. The Edinburgh Festival

As one of the most exciting and diverse events throughout the globe, Edinburgh Festival has something for everyone! Each summer, the streets of Edinburgh are invaded with artists showcasing their talents, with live shows, plays, comedy, music, and so much more. Edinburgh Festival refers to a combination of several separate events being hosted throughout Edinburgh and with a wide variety of performances, street fairs and workshops, there is something here for everyone.

Only the Best – Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival was the first established event of the many which now make up Edinburgh Festival. This festival showcases the best of international music, dance, opera and theatre every year. This part of the Edinburgh festival only displays high quality artists from around the world, and also hosts art exhibitions and workshops which anyone can enjoy.

Something for Everyone!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world with over 40000 performances and 2500 shows spread across hundreds of venues throughout Edinburgh each August. This is an open festival where anyone from any walk of life can have the opportunity to perform. This month long event has a core focus in comedy and theatre, though dance and music are also featured. In addition to the ticket events, there is a street fair held on the Royal Mile. Many successful comedians and actors started their careers at this event, including Steven Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and several theatre companies. As anyone can be a part of the Festival Fringe, the talent is very mixed, but the atmosphere will always win through every year, guaranteeing an exciting experience.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Located at Edinburgh Castle each summer is a series of military performances from the British Armed Forces, and international military bands and even includes performances from African tribes. It is a very significant part of the Edinburgh Festival – tickets have sold out each year for the past ten years, and it has never been cancelled since it began in 1950. Over 30 countries have been represented at the Military Tattoo. As an exciting part of Edinburgh Festival, this is something that anyone can enjoy.

Along with these events every year, the Edinburgh Festival includes an Art Festival, Book Festival, Music Festivals and much more. At Edinburgh Festival, the culture of the world is there for everyone to experience, and it is an unmissable event. So get yourself there if you can.

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