Love, Magic and Edinburgh

If you are tired of getting burned out because of the stress you encounter in your everyday life, well, it is time for you to give yourself a pat in the back and experience travel and luxury like never before. Go pack your things and bring your partner with you as Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, will surely cater to all your romantic needs.

Edinburgh has its own way of spicing up the word ‘romance’ as this city definitely offers tourists the chance to fall in love over and over again. This historical city does not only have genuinely preserved buildings and establishments as there are also a lot of things you and your partner could do to savor its beauty.

All is WELL

Situated just around 15 minutes away from the City Centre is the infamous St. Bernard’s Well. Spelling romance could never be this sweet as this temple, inspired by the Romans is also well-known for its miraculous water. So, if you are planning to propose, maybe a miracle is all you need! Enjoy St. Bernard’s Well and experience the magic and the many wonders of eternal love.

Walk Your Hearts Out

There is no better way of really experiencing the beauty of the culture of Edinburgh than walking in the streets of the Royal Mile. Feel like queens and kings by strolling into the city’s historical landmarks and enjoy the dramatic effects prepared by the various companies of Edinburgh. The roads are well-maintained and the locals’ friendliness will surely make you feel like you are in your own castle of love.

Yacht El Royale

Seated at the Leith Docks is the yacht of all royalty, the Royal Yacht Brittanica. Visit this elegant ship and brace yourselves for a red-carpet experience. The area is also surrounded by many well-known restaurants so if you are still hungry for royalty, grab a bite at one of the town’s seafood restaurants.

The Love View

Nothing can be more beautiful and romantic than sitting beside your partner and holding his/her hand while waiting for the sun to set at Calton Hill. Climbing this peak will give you a gorgeous view of Edinburgh and a chance to go star gazing at night. Also, this place features exhibits that will truly make your visit worthwhile.

Fly High

Anyone who fancies butterflies will enjoy visiting the Butterfly World with numerous types of these beautiful creatures flying around this tourist spot. So, go on and fly high and experience the wonder of nature with butterflies in and out of your stomach.

About the Author:

Rome Beley is a travel ambassador and blogger from Deck Chair Cruising. They offer deck chair cruising and other services. Despite of her busy schedule, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust.