Yay, It’s Christmas Time In The UK – Infographic

Yay, Christmas! And never is there a better time to have good old rummage around and see what statistics we can find that’ll give us and you a bit of insight in to festive activities around the UK! Which is exactly what we’ve done…

We delved and scrabbled about like a six year old under a Christmas tree to see how our own jolly practices and traditions compare to that of the nation. With this infographic you’ll be able to do exactly the same. For example, maybe you’re among the 1% of people who don’t open their pressies until the big day has been and gone! Yes, it’s true. There are people out there who have that much will power!

How about your consumption of all that good food and booze? Does it stack up next to the national average or are you shovelling down too many Brussels sprouts? Come on you know you are! Find out what the UK makes of Christmas with this festive infographic.

Christmas Fun Facts In The UK