Hungry No More: Where To Get Cheap But Quality Food In Edinburgh

Food is very important, especially on vacations. It provides strength and nourishment in order for tourists to enjoy the time they will spend on a place. More over, the complexity of the human tongue seeks out different varieties of tastes that sometimes, can be pretty expensive, especially on trips and vacations.Well in Edinburgh, your wallet need not to worry about great tasting but less expensive food. A wide variety of wallet friendly restaurant are available around the city and can be found easily via inquiry at your hotel or just by asking any local resident.

During my trip, I was able to eat in some of the best tasting, yet cheapest price tagged restaurants in Edinburgh. Not only do they offer great food, they also offer a great dining experience and services. Below are five restaurants that are perfect for the traveler on a budget. Every meal is worth more than it looks, but tastes even better than it’s supposed to be.


It seems that every new restaurant promises neighbourhood appeal, seasonal produce and locally sourced foods. BiaBistrot is no different, except it really delivers. Husband-and-wife team Matthias and RoisinLlorente oversee a regularly changing menu, including venison carpaccio, glazed pork belly and a range of perfectly cooked fish. The daily set menu is a bargain at £9.50 for two courses, although this is only available at lunchtime and from 5pm-6pm.

The husband and wife team of Mr and MrsLlorente sees to it that customers would remember BiaBistrot not just for its cheap prices but also for the quality of food it serves. Here, they regularly change the menu, giving customer more choices everyday. It is famous for is Venison carpacio, glazed pork belly and a variety of perfectly cooked fish.
Set menu £9.50, starters from £4, mains from £9.50

The Tailend

The best way to enjoy a basket of fish and chips, according to Scottish people is through eating it at the Tailend that is run by the former owner of the famous Anstruther Fish Bar. It usually takes a while to cook the fish, but this is normal since you really need time to perfectly cook fish meat. Prices are unbelievable and may seem unfair, but not to the management. They want the best deals for their customers as possible.
Haddock fish supper £6 Traditional fish special £10.35 (restaurant)


This restaurant is famous for its Spanish tapas with a relaxed and hospitable atmosphere. From patatasbravas to perfect tortillas, Tapa makes sure that you’ll get the best Spanish food in Edinburgh for the least price.
Chef’s special: £10

Illegal Jack’s

Illegal Jacks specializes in Mexican fast food. Though it seems that its just another place where you can get ordinary Mexican cuisine, the Tex Mex Burrito changes even the toughest critics hearts with its rich and juicy taste, and is available for a very affordable price. Other Mexican cuisines are also available together with other food choices.
Burrito: £6.95

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