Edinburgh’s Must see Attractions for first time Visitors

If you are visiting Scotland for the first time, you have to set some time to travel in Edinburgh. Being the capital city and located in Southern parts, it presents both business and tourism center. There are many places and things to see in the city. Here is a list of the top attractions, with some of them free to visit any time you want. If you are from America, then you have to make an application for a visa. This can be done through the esta online application for US travelers.

Edinburgh Castle

A first time visitor in the city will not have fun if they do not make their way to the famous Edinburgh Castles. It is one of the fortresses seen in the skyline. It is built in a secluded but unique place at the top of the Castle Rock. This place has a unique history dating back to the 9th BC. The castle is composed of old buildings that are attractive to visitors. Inside the castles, you get the museums detailing various historical events. You will also get to see the Portcullis gate, the Argyle tower and other military building.

Museum of Childhood
This is one of the must see places to visit. It offers an opportunity to get information on how kids were raised, educated and even wore in the ancient centuries. Inside, especially if you have small kids, they will enjoy different toys like teddy bears, dolls, tricycles and trains collected from different parts of the world.

National library

In Edinburgh, you will get to see and visit the National Library of Scotland. Here, you can sample out over seven million books in different topics. There are over 13 million printed copies of items to sample out with another 1.6 million maps. This will also work well for historians looking for information.

Royal Botanic Gardens
One of the attractions to visit in Edinburgh city is the botanical gardens. The gardens which were first documented in the 16th century are said to be the second oldest in UK. These gardens offer both the tourists and scientific an opening to sample different ideas.


If you want to learn more about the Scottish Monarchy, Holyroodhouse Palace is the place to visit. This palace acts as the official residence and home to the Scots Mary Queen. Inside, you get different lifestyles in the early days associated with the queen, artifacts of the royal family and other details.

Scotch whisky center

If you have ever tasted Scottish whisky, then you can find time to visit the distillery. Here, you get sample tour of distilling plants while being taken across various stages of whisky making. You will also be told several stories behind the plant as you taste some of the finest whisky in the world. Different flavors and aromas will be tasted.

Britannia Royal Yatch

This is one of the biggest and oldest museums in history dating back to millions of years. One thing you will find interesting is the Big Bang spaceship bridge, seen through the eyes of a telescope. Inside, you will also get to see different historic artifacts and moments like during the time of dinosaurs.