5 Great Gift Ideas For Visitors – Edinburgh Gift Ideas

Edinburgh Gift Ideas

Edinburgh Gift Ideas

When you come to visit us in Edinburgh you’ll be amazed by the large number of gift shops offering a wide-range of Scottish goods.

However, you’ll soon find that most of the standard gift shops sell the same familiar and rather predictable products. For those looking for a truly original and eye-catching gift for a friend or loved one, the search can soon become frustrating.

But help is at hand…

To help you find something that’s affordable, easy-to-take-home, and unique, I’ve put together 5 Edinburgh Gift Ideas For Visitors.

  1. If your friend or family member is a fan of rugby then try and head along to First XV, the city’s popular rugby shop. The shop can be found at 6/8 Haymarket Terrace (EH12 5JZ – 0131 337 4746) and offers up loads of original and official rugby kit from the national and district teams. Rugby is Edinburgh’s most popular sport and at this store you’ll find great clothing and accessory ideas that your friends back home will actually be delighted to receive and use over again.
  2. Do you have a friend who has everything? Then get them something quirky and unique that they certainly won’t have, yet. How about an Edinburgh Paper Lantern from the Present Boutique at 18 St Mary’s Street (EH1 1SU – 0131 556 5050)? The creative bunch behind this store revel in finding elegant and striking gifts for shoppers looking for something very different. Here’s you’re bound to something very interesting that will fit safely into your hand luggage.
  3. It’s purely academic. If you’re looking for an impressive gift that people will actually proudly use then head along to the University of Edinburgh’s very own shop (6 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AL). Here you’ll find an array of clothing, stationery, jewellery, books and loads more, all emblazoned with the proud crest of our city’s oldest University. Take home a stylish and affordable Edinburgh gift.
  4. Edinburgh is a haven for artists from around the world, and has been for centuries. Millions of people come to Edinburgh to enjoy the many galleries and art festivals. So why not take a piece of local art home with you? A great place to start delving is at The Red Door Gallery in the Old Town (42 Victoria Street, EH1 2JW –  0131 477 3255), here you’ll find a wide array of affordable art, with screen, giclee and digital art prints among the many gorgeous items on offer. And, by the way, Victoria Street is one of the prettiest streets in Edinburgh and worth visiting in its own right – plus there are loads more cool gift shops available in the area if art is not the thing you buy.
  5. If you’re looking for a traditional Scottish gift but with a twist then take a look at the stunning items that are available at 21st Century Kilts.  Whereas the gift shops on the Royal Mile may offer kilt tea towels, you’ll only find the most stylish of Highlandwear at the store on 48 Thistle Street (EH2 1EN). These bespoke kilts are the choice of film stars and rock musicians who want only the finest in attire.

I hope you find my list of Edinburgh Gift Ideas useful and inspiring. Have a great time here in Edinburgh and have a very safe journey home.