5 Best Hostels In Edinburgh For Cheap Deals In 2014

You can have it all on a tight budget in Edinburgh.

You can have it all on a tight budget in Edinburgh.

Are you planning a trip to Edinburgh in 2014 and looking for some cheap accommodation for yourself, or for your gang of merry followers? Then a cheap stay in a city-centre hostel might be the budget ticket for you!

But hold on, where to start? Edinburgh is full of hostels and picking the right one for your stay may be a bit tricky. Don’t fret, I’m here to hold your hand and offer you the advice of a knowledgeable local. For you, I have taken a look at all the hostels in Edinburgh for 2014 and hand-selected 5 that should meet your needs exactly.

Hold on to your tartan toorie (Scottish for ‘hat’) and check out these budget beauties;

  • Haggis Hostel – Ka-boom! This beauty of a hostel is right in the city centre, being only 30 seconds from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station and Princes Street. The gents that run this hostel will go that bit further to make sure you have a great time in our capital city. Only word of warning is that there are loads of steps up to the hostel so be prepared to walk – this part of the city is 200+ years old so apologies for the lack of lifts!
  • Edinburgh Central Hostel – this is the flagship YHA hostel in Scotland so you won’t be let down. The hostel is a short 10 minute walk from Princess Street down Leith Walk. This end of town is becoming increasingly popular if you’d prefer to stay local. Rooms are of a high quality and the service is superb.
  • Smart City Hostels Edinburgh – this 5-star hostel is in a great location in the centre of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The hostel has modern rooms, a bar, restaurant, internet access and lots more. These guys organise things well and they will take great care of your group. Book early to avoid disappointment.
  • High Street Hostel - another great hostel right in the city’s Old Town quarter. Room rates are eye-wateringly cheap here! The build is very traditional with loads of quiet corners to relax in. The nightlife around here is magic and you’ll have no need for taxis or the like to see all the main attraction in the city, just walk 15 minutes and you’ll see it all.
  • St Christopher’s Hostel Edinburgh – this hostel is one of a chain across the UK, and beyond, I think. This hostel is a mere stone’s throw from Edinburgh Waverley – in fact, you could probably make your train if you spotted it from the hostel’s own bar. Rooms are modern and very clean – plus they are incredibly cheap. This place is great for a solo-traveller looking to hook up with others, or for groups of party animals hell bent on having a great time.

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Edinburgh Festival 2014 Accommodation Deals NOW! + VIDEO

Let’s get things straight there is no Edinburgh Festival 2014. There are hundreds of festivals across Edinburgh throughout 2014. However, I guess you are looking to visit Edinburgh in July or August when all the major festivals are taking place such as the Edinburgh International Festival, Festival Fringe, and The Military Tattoo.

So to help you grab a great accommodation deal for Edinburgh Festival(s) 2014 I have taken a look at what’s on offer already for July and August and picked out some of the best places to stay for value-for-money.

Tip: Book your accommodation as early as possible! And remember that Edinburgh’s Festivals run every day of the week through August, not just at weekends, it may be cheaper to stay Monday to Friday.

Let’s begin with some cracking places to stay at super-low room rates;

  •  Edinburgh Central Hostel – one of the flagship hostels in Scotland. All rooms are ensuite and the hostel enjoys a smart cafe and bar. Plus there’s loads of help on hand from the staff for guidance on what to do and see. Oh, and the hostel is only a short walk from Princes Street.
  • Smart City Hostels Edinburgh - this hostel boasts a 5 star rating and is perfectly located in the centre of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The hostel is VERY lively during August and is also a venue for loads of free comedy gigs.
  • Tune Hotel Haymarket - this is our first proper hotel on the list and these guys specialise in offering smart rooms at ultra low rates. Located directly across from Haymarket train station, Tune Hotel is brilliantly well connected and only a 10 minute walk from Princes Street. Take a look at this place right now!
  • Smart at iQ Hostel Edinburgh  - Edinburgh is a University city and come August many of the scholars head home. This leaves loads of student properties left empty for the summer. However, the smart guys at iQ take over loads of student properties and rent them out at budget rates to visitors to the Festivals. All rooms are modern and comfortable. Take your pick from a wide range of accommodation options – particularly if you are visiting in a large group on a tight budget.
  • Novotel Hotel Edinburgh Park – I keep banging on about this hotel because it’s such great value. You get 4 star service and facilities, plus you are only a very short train ride from outside the hotel to the city centre. Check this place out if you like a bit of luxury at pleasantly low rates.

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Group Accommodation In Edinburgh For 2014 – There Are Some Great Deal Here

Edinburgh is Great For Groups

Edinburgh is Great For Groups

Edinburgh is the perfect place for a group visit. Whether you are here for a stag weekend, class reunion, school trip or cultural excursion our gorgeous city has something for you. Millions of people come to Edinburgh groups looking for accommodation and there’s plenty to choose from. Edinburgh has everything from ultra-cheap backpacking hostels or boutique 5-star hotels that your group can book on an exclusive use basis, i.e. you get the whole place to yourselves.

Tip: if you are coming to visit Edinburgh as a stag or hen group then save even more money on group accommodation by booking rooms yourself rather than using a stag/hen party organiser. Use the search box on the left to instantly compare group accommodation providers and their room rates.

Or if you need any FREE advice simply drop me a message via the Contact Page and I would be more than delighted to help.

I’ve been out and about speaking to accommodation providers in Edinburgh and I’ve sussed out some excellent looking hotels, apartments, hostels and B&Bs that should suit most groups. Here are 5 of the best group accommodations for deals in Edinburgh in 2014.

  • The West End Hotel Edinburgh - this hotel/hostel has been providing consistently great group accommodation for many years now. On offer are large dorm rooms at very low rates or twin/double rooms for those looking for more privacy. The hotel’s bar and restaurant are also a great place to hang out before or after your night out.
  • Edinburgh Holiday Apartments - these guys have a great of apartments on offer, including a 5 and 7 bedrooms for groups of 20 or more.
  • Haggis Hostel - you want central? I’ll give you CENTRAL! This well run hostel is a 30 second walk from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station – our main train station – and the same from Princess Street. You’ll be made very welcome here but please don’t stay here if anyone in your group has accessibility issues, this hostel is up a long flight of winding stairs.
  • Royal Mile Apartment Edinburgh – if you are looking for a more luxurious then to take your group to Edinburgh’s historical Royal Mile and check out these fab apartments full of all the smart kit you will require for a very memorable stay bang in the city centre.
  • Edinburgh Pearl Apartments Dalry Gait - this is a new group apartments for me but the reviews have been great. Plus, the location is very appealing too – 2 minutes from the new and improved Haymarket area of Edinburgh and then only another 10/15 minutes walk to Princes Street, though the walk will probably take you a lot longer as there are so many nice pubs and restaurants on the way. These apartments are modern, comfortable and offering some very attractive room rates for groups throughout 2014.

Compare all the best group accommodation deals in Edinburgh using the search box on the left – there are loads available. Or as I say, drop me an email for some impartial advice. I can also point you in the right direction for clubs, pubs, restaurants, taxis etc. Enjoy!

Our Edinburgh Hotel Deals For February 2014 + VIDEO

February is a busy time here in Edinburgh. We have loads of significant business conferences and exhibitions going on around in the city, plus there are a number of niche festivals and events for visitors to enjoy. Some highlights I would suggest checking out are;

Tip: There are loads of things going on in Edinburgh throughout the year and one of the best places for checking out what’s going on and where is The List.

I’ve taken a look at the best deals we have on offer for weekends in February 2014, and they deals that stand out as great value for money are;

  • Edinburgh Townhouse Guesthouse – a very stylish boutique guesthouse in Edinburgh’s fab New Town. A great choice if you want to avoid large hotels.
  • Tune Hotel Haymarket – a relatively new player in town and taking the city by storm. Sleek and smart rooms are available at incredible prices. The hotel is located right across from the new Haymarket Train Station.
  • The West End Hotel Edinburgh – an ultra cheap hotel in a very central location – very convenient for Haymarket train station. On offer are dorm rooms and private rooms. the hotel has a busy bar and great food on offer.
  • Novotel Hotel Edinburgh Park - this Novotel often appears on my value-for-money lists and continually proves a great success with visitors. There’s a pool, gym, bar, restaurant and free parking on offer. The hotel is next to a train station which means you can get into the very city centre in a few minutes. This is where I send my parents when they are in town.

For all the very best hotel deals in Edinburgh then please use the search box on the left to find out the best hotel, apartment and B&B deals when you are in town. Enjoy.

5 Hotels In Edinburgh Near A Shopping Centre

Enjoy Edinburgh Hotel Deals This January

Enjoy Edinburgh Hotel Deals

Visitors like to stay near a shopping centre for various reasons. Some visitors would prefer not to eat in the hotel and catch some food that’s fast and cheap in a supermarket. Some visitors with young children would rather be near shops in case supplies are required fast at any time of day or night. Some visitors like to be near good travel links which shopping centres offer. And some just like to be near shops to do some serious shopping.

Whatever your reason for wanting to stay in a hotel near a a shopping centre in Edinburgh, here are 5 great cheap hotels that have stores and shops right near by. Happy shopping for your rooms and happy shopping once you get here in sunny Edinburgh.

  • Novotel Edinburgh Park – this smart hotel offers 4-star services such as a swimming pool, elegant restaurant and loads of free parking. Plus, it’s right next to Hermiston Gate shopping centre.
  • Premier Inn Edinburgh Park The Gyle – this is another hotel offering great rates that’s situated next to Hermiston Gate and all the businesses based near The Gyle.
  • The George Hotel – if you’d rather be right next to all the elegant shopping on offer at Multrees Walk in the very heart of Edinburgh then check out the iconic George Hotel.
  • Malmaison Hotel Edinburgh – this cool hotel is only a short walk from Edinburgh’s Ocean terminal shopping. This centre is located in Leith putting it near some of the best restaurants and bars in Scotland.
  • Ocean Apartments – if you are after an apartment stay in Edinburgh at great rates then check out Ocean Apartments, again based in Leith with great views of the shore front and great access to all the cool shops and entertainments that this suburb of Edinburgh has to offer.

To compare room rates in Edinburgh across 100s of hotel booking websites at once, simply search using the box on the left of your screen.

Cheap Hotel Deals For Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2015 + VIDEO

After yet another magical Hogmanay (that’s New Year Eve for those not in the know) here in picturesque Edinburgh, it’s already time to start planning your trip to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2015 if you are serious about coming, and serious about saving some cash.

Edinburgh is VERY busy around New Year’s Eve, and is VERY exciting. Tens of thousands of people from across the globe converge on Scotland’s capital city to welcome in the New Year, and say adios to the year that’s just gone. Specific details of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2014/2015 haven’t been released yet but I can guarantee that there will be one hell of a party going on for several days right here – and you are all invited.

Tip: Book your Edinburgh accommodation early and relax until the year end. Room prices won’t get any cheaper so book it now and start saving for your drinks bill!

The finale of the festivities is the amazing fireworks display that takes place right above the heads of visitors partying away on Princes Street, the main thoroughfare in Edinburgh.

I’ll keep you up-to-date with what’s actually planned for New Year’s Eve right here on my blog. I’ll announce loads of gigs, parties and accommodation deals before anyone else.

Tickets for the big Street Party usually go on sale around September but I’ll give you exact dates later on in 2014.

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Workarounds To Help Overcome Poor Hotel Internet: IPad And All!

When you go to a hotel you will generally find that they offer you an Internet connection.  However, anyone who has every used hotel Internet will know that it is not always the best.  In fact, there are many people who find it to be painfully slow and frustrating to work on.

If you are going to be using the Internet while you travel there are a number of things that you can do to ensure you are getting the best connection possible.  Some of these workarounds are easier to accomplish than others, but you will find that they help you overcome the poor hotel Internet that you might be getting.  If you have an iPad with a SIM make sure you take it.

Finding the Best Wi-Fi Spot

The best Wi-Fi spots where you travel are not always going to be in the hotel that you are staying in.  However, the hotel might be close enough to these hot spots for you to connect without worry.  There are a number of websites and applications that will help you find the hotspots in the country that you are going to be travelling to, if you are going abroad. These apps can be downloaded to your phone, and of course can help you identify UK Wi-Fi hotspots too.

You should look for a hotspot that is close to your hotel.  You might be able to connect to a top hotspot from your hotel room.  There are other times when you might have to look at setting up your work base in the lobby of the hotel.  This could be the area where you get the best access to the Internet as it is generally where the router is located.

If you are in a hotel that does not offer you free access to the Internet then you should consider hotspots before you do anything else.  You can also look at the surrounding hotels that are in the area.  There are many travellers who look at setting up their computer in the lobby of a different hotel that offer free access to the Internet.  You might have to order something from the hotel bar if you do this, but there is a chance that you will not have to do anything to access the neighbouring hotel Internet.

Get As Close to the Signal as Possible

The hotel that you are in will have a booster, or a base station that the Internet signal is coming from.  The rooms that have the worst signal are the ones that are the furthest away from these devices.  You need to find out where the Internet signal is coming from and try to place yourself closer to it.

If you want to stay in your room while you use the Internet it is recommended that you move closer to the door.  Many hotels have their booster in the hall so that the rooms on the floor can all get the connection.  Moving closer to the door will also move you closer to where the signal originates.

If this does not work you might have to go hunting for where the signal is coming from.  There are a number of electronic stores that sell signal finders which help you determine where a wireless signal is coming from.  You can also use your smart phone to pick up where the best signal is.  Once you have this you can look at moving your computer to as close to this area as possible.  Of course, you will have to ensure that you are allowed to set up camp around this area before you do so.

Going Where Other People Are Not

A mistake that many travellers make is to go to the area where they see everyone else camped out with their computers.  There travellers assume that these areas are the ones that are going to have the best connection.  While these areas may have the best connection you need to consider the number of people who are connected to the broadband.

The more people who are connected to the signal the weaker your Internet is going to be.  Most hotels will have more than one station that is transmitting internet signals.  You should try and find one that does not have a lot of people.  If the lobby of the hotel is full of people on their computers you should look at the different floors of the hotel.

Invest in Some Gadgets

There are a number of gadgets that you can get that will help to increase the signal that you are going to get.  These include long-range antennae cards that boost the signal that you are going to be getting.  When you use these gadgets you will not have to move around as much to get the same level of signals.  This means that you might not have to camp out in the lobby with everyone else who is trying to get the best connection.

Take Internet With You

Taking your own Internet with you is an option that many people consider.  Having a mobile broadband dongle can save you a lot of trouble.  To find the best deals you should consider a comparison website like uSwitch and see what they have to offer you.  If you are going to be travelling abroad you need to be careful about the charges that you could face.  Anyone using mobile broadband will need to have a clear understanding of the charges and the limits that they have.

Take Out Your iPad

There are of course iPad mini SIM deals that now offer 4G connectivity. If you can jump onto 4G then grab your iPad and do what you need to do on it. Equally, if you have a Mi-Fi router then that could provide you with quality broadband on all of your devices.

Look for a Jack

Most people know that the best way to get good broadband connections is to plug your computer into the modem.  This is the same when you are in a hotel.  Many hotel rooms will have an Internet jack that you can use.  When you plug into this connection you will be getting much faster broadband because you are connected to the source and not to a wireless signal.

There are a number of ways that you can overcome the slow speeds and poor connections that you get in a hotel.  Of course, not all of these ways will apply to everyone.


As Phil Turner needed a broadband connection on the go, he checked out uSwitch.com to see what offers they featured on iPad Mini SIM deals.